Calcium Chloride for Sale Online

COMMODITY: Calcium Chloride

Appearance: White powder or flake / pearls

M.F: CaCI2

Standard: GB/T 26520-2011

CAS No.: 10043-52-4

HS CODE : 2827200000

EINECS No: 233-140-8

Package : 25kg/bag

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Product Introduction of the Calcium Chloride

Calcium chloride is an inorganic compound, a salt with the chemical formula CaCl₂. It is a white colored crystalline solid at room temperature, highly soluble in water. It can be created by neutralizing hydrochloric acid with calcium hydroxide.

Product Parameter (Specification) of the Calcium Chloride
calcium chloride anhydrous calcium chloride dihydrate
CaCl , %, ≥ 94 77
Ca(OH)2, %, ≤ 0.25 0.2
NaCl, %, ≤ 5
Insoluble, %, ≤ 0.25 0.15
Fe, %, ≤ 0.6
PH Value 7.5-10
MgCl3, %, ≤ 0.5
CaSO4, %, ≤ 0.05


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