Methyl cellulose for Sale from Quality Suppliers

Methyl cellulose for Sale from Quality Suppliers


Methyl cellulose for Sale from Quality Suppliers:
Are you in search of top-quality methyl cellulose for your specific industrial or personal needs? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of methyl cellulose, its various applications, and where you can find the finest products for sale online.

What is Methyl Cellulose?

Methyl cellulose is a versatile cellulose derivative widely used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, construction, and cosmetics. This water-soluble polymer is prized for its thickening, gelling, emulsifying, and binding properties.


Applications of Methyl cellulose for Sale from Quality Suppliers:

Firstly in Pharmaceuticals: Methyl cellulose is a crucial ingredient in the production of pharmaceuticals, including tablet coatings, controlled-release formulations, and ophthalmic solutions.
secondly in Food Industry: It’s employed as a thickener, stabilizer, and fat replacer in various food products, such as sauces, bakery items, and dairy alternatives.
thirdly, Construction: Methyl cellulose is used in dry-mix mortars, tile adhesives, and cement-based products to enhance workability and water retention.
Also in Cosmetics: It’s found in many cosmetics and personal care products, contributing to their texture and stability.

Why Choose Us for Methyl cellulose for Sale from Quality Suppliers?

1. Our Premium Quality: We source our methyl cellulose from reputable manufacturers known for their quality and consistency.

2. We also have Wide Range of Grades: Whether you need low-viscosity types for food applications or high-viscosity grades for construction, we have the right methyl cellulose for you.

3. Our Competitive Pricing: Our commitment to affordability ensures you get the best value for your money.

4. Also for Reliable Shipping: We offer reliable and efficient shipping options to get your methyl cellulose to you promptly.

5. Lastly for Expert Support: Have questions or need guidance on choosing the right product? Our experienced team is here to assist you.

Ordering Process:

First do Browse Our Selection: Explore our range of methyl cellulose products, each with detailed descriptions and specifications.
And also Fast Shipping: We’ll process and ship your order swiftly, with tracking information provided.


When it comes to purchasing methyl cellulose online, we’re your trusted source for quality, affordability, and reliability. Whether you’re in the pharmaceutical, food, construction, or cosmetic industry, we have the right methyl cellulose solution for you. Explore our selection today and experience the difference.

Apperance white to grey while,odourless,tasteless powder
Apparent density,g/cm3 0.25~0.70
Chromotropic temperature, ℃ 190~200
Carbonification temperature, ℃ 225~230
Densitykg/L 1.39
Relative flammability(700℃ in furnace) 90+
Density,kg/L,1% solution 1.0012
5%solution 1.0117
10%solution 1.0245
Refractive index 1.336
Specific volume of given concentration,mL/g 0.717~0.767
Surface tension,,25℃,mN/m 44~56
Interfacial tension(in paraffin oil),25℃,mN/m 18~30
Fel temperature,℃ 54~70
Relative density 1.29
Area factor(0.0025mm),m2/kg 36.7
water steam,37℃,90%~100%,rh 520
oxygen,24℃ 560
Tensile strength,24℃,50%rh,MPa 58.6~61
Elongation rate,24℃,50%rh,% 5-10
UV stability,500rh excellent
Oil resistance excellent
UV light transmittance,400nm% 82
290nm% 34
210nm% 6
Refractive index
Softening point, ℃ 240
Melting point℃ 260
Carbonification temperature,℃ 270
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